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White Lion

Paul Klee's Summer Garden

$ 2.487
€ 2.280


Paul Klee's Summer Garden

The ‘Garden Paintings’ were a direct result of viewing the programme, Around the World in 80 Gardens; Monty Don’s series on BBC1 and Brian Turner remembered that the first one he saw so enthralled him that he knew a series of paintings would follow.When Monty visited Mexico, Cuba and Amazon, it was as if a light had been switched on in Brian's head. Barragan, the Mexican Architect and Gardner, inspired the first work Mexican Homage, simply because he was amazed at his use of strong colour (pinks and blues) and minimal planting, relying on the light to play it’s part in the garden setting. The wall colours were so striking, especially when set against the green of the plants. The hot pinks in the painting go someway to meet the excitement I felt at the time.There followed numerous Garden Paintings, each one exploring various painterly ideas as Monty made his way across the world. Each week his programme would inspire new ideas and he tried to set these out on canvas.What Brian is trying to do through these paintings is to create a multi layer of colour where the images are at once in focus, yet fuse with those around them, thus creating the effect of either looking through a garden, or viewing them from above or perhaps even viewing both elements at the same time. The abstract is what interests Turner and the play of light, either during the day or at night, continues to intrigue as it dances with the forms it hits hard surfaces or plant life. 

$ 2.487
€ 2.280
Size in cm: 
H. 100 W. 70 D. 4 cm.
Size in inch: 
H. 39 W. 28 D. 2 in.
Time Period: 
21st C.
United Kingdom

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